Saturday, March 9, 2013


7 years ago today, I became a mom to this beauty.
I could never have even conceived of how much joy she would bring into my life.
Since L's bday fell on a Saturday this year, she and Gryffy slept on the couch downstairs last night (their weekend tradition) so we didn't get to put streamers on her door. We did the bathroom door instead for her morning balloon bath.

 Lulu loves art, so an art-themed party it had to be!

The kids made floral still-lifes on canvas and beaded bracelets. 
Here's Lorelei with Grant.
 Ah, Grant. The boy whose name we found written on the windshields of both cars...
The boy Lorelei can't stop giggling at in class...
 The boy Lorelei strategically sat next to at her party.
I think this picture says it all.
 The kids created some beautiful still lifes. 
 Lulu wanted ice cream sundaes instead of a cake. These were a huge hit!

 Lulu's masterpiece. I love the way she painted around it.
Grammy stopped by for the party.
 Lorelei stocked up on art supplies for presents. Creativity Queen.
 We wrote 7 things we love about Lulu on her birthday card:
1. I love your creativity. You constantly make the world more beautiful with your art and music. -Mom
2. I love your excitement and how you rub your nose like a bunny when you can't wait for something. -Dad
3. I love that you are, as Mrs. Brahl says, a "free spirit." You think for yourself and follow your own way. -Mom
4. I love your giggle. -Dad
5. You are the best big sister to Gryffin in the world. I've never seen two kids who love each other more. -Mom
6. I love how you make friends with anyone and make people feel included. -Dad
7. I love how you have a heart for God. He speaks to you in words and in dreams, and many times He speaks through you. Your spirit is connected to deep and powerful mysteries. God adores you, Lulu! -Mom

And so do we!  Happy Birthday Big Girl!

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