Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mystery Reader

Ever since kindergarten began, Gryffin's been on me week after week to find out if I could possibly be the oh-so-mysterious Mystery Reader.
Little did he know his turn was coming up, but the Mystery Reader wasn't me...
 "Gryffy--kee-kooh--I am your father!"
 Gryffy was over-the-top about Daddy visiting his classroom donning a Darth Vader costume.
And Mark was quite the celebrity from the moment we entered the school, kids everywhere pointing and gawking at the presence of the dark lord.
 I have a feeling this is one day he'll remember his whole life.
 Daddy even brought along our pal, R2D2.
Gryffy purchased the droid by completing all of his SUMMER GOALS.
He's counted among the members of our family, I tell you, just after the bunnies.
 So grateful for that stellar Daddy of his. 
No wonder Gryffy wants to be just like him.

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