Friday, December 23, 2016

THREE Front Teeth

Excuse the just-rolled-outta-bed Christmas morning hair, but look who just lost another snaggle tooth on Christmas Eve!!
That's THREE front teeth, missing on Christmas.

First this one fell out a few months ago...
And then this other snaggle-tooth was suddenly plucked out when he was standing next to me in the kitchen. He was so proud.
 We're a bit slow on the tooth loss. I was the last of my friends, too.
Now just waiting on those permanent teeth to grow in. This little man knows the secret of the Tooth Fairies that visit us, so his sister begged to help the fairy with the note beneath his pillow, along with $1 and a special surprise... a shark tooth!
Santa and the Tooth Fairy all in one night made for an extra magical Christmas Eve!

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