Friday, December 30, 2016

Love this Man!

I married my best friend 14 years ago. And today I love him more than ever. If there's any pure grace that God has poured over my life, it's being married to this man.
Here's a blurry pic from our anniversary dinner at Grunauer.
He pampered me with a full day at the spa, and I bought him a framed 1923 Pan Am poster of our favorite vacation spot, Norway, which holds extra meaning since we met on the S.S. Norway cruise ship in 1994, and started out as pen pals. 
(And the stave church on this poster was the one we visited with the kids a few years ago HERE.)

To celebrate with the kids, we also stopped in to tour the church - Corpus Christi in Lawrence, KS - where we were married, which we sometimes do around our anniversary. 

Happy Anniversary, Hubsley! 

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