Sunday, January 1, 2017

Ringing in 2017 (& my word for this year)

2016, you were full of highs and lows, and I'm not altogether sad to see you go. I love the fresh feeling of each new year, the renewed sense of focus and direction.

2017, I'm glad you've arrived.

We spent New Year's Eve party-hopping with friends, and ended the evening with our family - our neighbors.

Boy, did we ever luck out with this cul-de-crew. They're the BEST.

I also had a chance to catch up with my high school friends a few days before. We always pick up right where we left off. I love friendships like that!
After kissing 2016 farewell...
... we welcomed 2017 on New Year's Day with our family tradition: donuts on strings.
"In the year 2017, let this be our goal: to focus on the donut, instead of on the hole."

And I've picked my word for this year: TRUST.

I felt like I spent so much time in 2016 questioning God until my head was spinning. I wanted so much for bits of life's chaos to fall into perfect order, all packaged and tied up in a shiny bow. For life's problems (especially questions of vocation, after one frustrating work year) to render an easily discerned, coherent meaning.

That's why my word is TRUST. Not in people (though I generally do). Not in my own abilities and strength (though certainly in my intuition).

TRUST in GOD. Benevolent Source.

Because it's easy to turn inward, build walls, be ever on guard and distrusting, when life and people disappoint like they have this year. (And yes, boundaries remain important.)

But when it comes to the bigger "WHY" of life - the questions I regularly ask God:
Why am I here? 
What do you want from me? 
I'm going to SOFTEN and RELAX, get into contemplative FLOW, and simply TRUST.
2017, God's got this.
Trust Her.

(Addendum: As I made myself a Yogi tea after writing this post, I had to smile at the little God-wink on the tea-tab - "TRUST is the union of intelligence and integrity." Oh my word. Mischief managed, Universe!)

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