Thursday, March 30, 2017


The kids have just wrapped up two sports seasons: Lorelei's basketball, and Gryffin's indoor soccer. We threw parties for both teams at our house, with kids running all over the house and yards and roasting s'mores. Both went late into the night!

Here's a pic of Gryffin's indoor soccer team, who won medals for 2nd in their division!
Doing the Dab.
And here's Lorelei with Coach Neva and her dad. This was her basketball team's first year together, so they didn't win a lot of games, but these coaches were incredible, and that under-dog team sure had bonded and went out there to have fun. I was so proud of their attitude!
More pics from the party.
Roasting s'mores. Always our tradition.
And Bunny, who suffered through both parties. Does he look a bit frazzled?

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