Monday, July 10, 2017

Lemonade Love

Lorelei & Gryffy have been wanting to do a lemonade stand for so long, and I kept putting it off because we live down a very un-busy street. It all seemed like such a hassle.

But when these kids teamed up with neighbors and insisted on raising money for Children's Mercy, how could I say no? And so we made a plan to meet at the busy trail intersection, ran to Walmart for some cardboard, pitchers, fresh lemons and a yellow table cloth, and the lemonade stand was on.

Our neighbor Ava made the lemonade, we got busy painting, and we packed up our table and things and set off. Then Sophie came and joined us, Mark set up his blizzard fan, and these kids danced around enthusiastically with signs and put on quite a show for business on this stifling summer day.

 And that little lemonade business was booming!
The kids were so excited to present the $102.68 they earned for their hour of work in person at Children's Mercy. Aren't they just beaming?
They even got to fill out an official form and sit at a desk, which they thought was pretty spiffy.
I'm so proud of these kids and their huge hearts. They're already planning their next philanthropic adventures with great anticipation, because giving truly is as much a blessing for the giver as it is for the receiver.

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