Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Summer Time

For the past two years, I've had a job during the summer and the kids have landed in camp. And despite some epic adventures and adoring teachers in that camp, these kids had the summer blues - they wanted to be home, and I hated dropping them off for long 7-hour days, even if it was part-time. I felt like I was missing out on these golden years with my kids. 

It's hard being a mom, tugged in so many directions.

But for me and my family, my priorities were askew. And never was it more obvious than during structured summer days.

This summer's different. This summer I get to soak up these kids and Mark and create memories together: not just bits of manufactured or penciled-in "quality time," but long stretches of unstructured quantity time. Summer time. Being-together time. 

Time for kids to just be kids. And...

Dan-the-Duck time.
Neighbor time (BB's Lawnside BBQ - yum).
2am @ IHOP time.
 Symphony time...

 ... complete with complimentary butterbeers.
 Dive-in movies...
 (Lorelei Vader.)
Drive-in movies.

Late night driveway movies (because we had nowhere to go in the morning)...
... complete with thumb wars.
This slow summer has been pure bliss.
 The Fourth festivities HERE.
That lemonade stand HERE. $102.68 in an hour - dang!
Gryffy treating the ladies to Orange Leaf, because we had nowhere else to be.
And extra vacation time. More of that on the way...
I think time is the greatest gift we'll ever give our kids and ourselves. And this summer, I'm especially grateful for it.

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