Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Number 44

I've always thought 4s were powerful numbers... somewhat mystical numbers, actually, especially when they're strung together. Yesterday, the number 44 was celebrated throughout the world, as America's 44th President took office: Barack Obama.

Gryffin and I went to the caucus for Obama (of course, Gryffy won't remember... he was in my belly at the time--I remember well, however, the near suffocating conditions as there were too many Obama supporters to fit inside the building). Lorelei and I followed the election with intense curiosity, Lorelei identifying all of the major contenders: McCain and Palin, Clinton, and Obama, her clear favorite. And on election day, Lorelei and Gryffy unwittingly campaigned for Obama--who wouldn't be swayed by the Connelly kids decked out in Obama gear? And they even accompanied me to the polls on November 4th, when together we penciled in the circle next to Obama/Biden.

Watching the world come together for Obama's inauguration yesterday was inspiring. When Obama walked down the steps to take the oath of office, Lorelei and I went wild with applause. I'm so amazed by our country's ability to renew itself, and I've never felt such excitement as an American. There is hope.
The kids waiting at the polls on Election Day.

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