Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cleaning up

Sometimes, when life seems out of sorts, a little sorting out of things is just the thing to renew the spirit. God bless my mom, for coming over and helping clean house yesterday while my morning was consumed with phone calls to claims adjusters and the like. It seems Lorelei's got a bit of her grandma's knack for cleaning, which was in large part lost to me. My little cleaning fairy, I like to call her. Bless her.

The car's a total loss, but things are sorting out. The adjuster from American Family Insurance has been extremely helpful and has offered a more than fair settlement. CarStar Metcalf has, once again, come to my rescue and treated me like family, truly seeing to it that we were taken care of; they are tops in my book (a high honor). And though I wrestle with demons of what might have been, with flashbacks of the moment of impact that keep me tossing in the dark of night, I have a clean house, a necessity for a cluttered mind and unsettled spirit. And driving away from my trusty Mazda 5 for the very last time today, I was completely consumed with gratitude. Thank you, God, that we are okay. I probably said it a hundred times driving home. Thank you, God, for my children. For my husband. For this life. I love living it.

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