Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Snogger and Frecklerump

I've just put Gryffy down for his afternoon nap. I love this time of day, because both kids are great nappers and they nap at the same time, meaning I can actually sort through the house, return phone messages and emails, begin dinner, and even work in a spot of time for blogging (if all goes as planned).
Gryffy's earned two new nicknames lately that I rather fancy--Snogger and Kanoodle--because of the way he constantly gnaws on people's jaws and plants a ton of sloppy, open-mouthed cheek kisses. Now that he's nine months old, he is everywhere and into everything. The trash cans are favorites, much to my dismay. He's talking now, too. Well, okay, I should say that he has a vocabulary of about four words/phrases (mama, dada, hi, all done), but for nine months, I'd say that's pretty impressive. His "all done" is pronounced very well, and is accompanied by sign language. Must take after his smarty-pants older sister (or, as I'd like to think, his brilliant mother).
Lorelei (a.k.a. Frecklerump, Prissy, and Belle-Bottoms) has almost graduated from the Parents As Teachers program, a free resource to all parents that offers home visits, playgroups, and assessments for tracking the development of infants and toddlers. She did swimmingly on her 3-year assessment, and scored in the highest developmental percentile on every category save for one, gross motor skills, where she took a modest average (again, she takes after her mother).
I'm so proud of my Snogger and Frecklerump!

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