Thursday, May 27, 2010

Challah for Sonia

Mommy is interviewing a dear sweet woman, Sonia, who is a holocaust survivor of Madjanek, Treblinka, and Auschwitz. Mommy borrowed the Gutovitz family's recipe for challah from her high school friend, Debbie (whose grandparents were also holocaust survivors and know Sonia), and the kids helped to make it as a gift.  Hands off, Mr. Gryff!
Lorelei loves bread making. Gryffin doesn't understand why he can't eat this play-doh.
Lorelei actually learned how to braid challah!
Gryffin likes to squish his.
Mommy thought her challah, wrapped in a colorful butterfly cloth, was so beautiful and delicious, but Sonia, though very appreciative, was quick to point out that it was severely undercooked--in the old country, challah is crisp and brown.  Still, Sonia entertained Mommy from 7pm until just past 11pm with the most unimaginable, captivating stories--a truly remarkable 84 year old with such a history to tell.  A history that will not be forgotten.

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