Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gryffin John turns 2!

In December 2007, I opened a fortune cookie in the Denver airport that's still on our fridge today: When the flowers bloom, so will great joy in your life. That spring, our Gryffin John was born, a baby boy who brings us so much joy.  Today our boy turned two.  Happy Birthday, Mr. Gryff.  We love you Stinky Face!
Gryffin's attacking the Mickey Mouse cupcakes.  I made them out of bananas, because in one of our favorite books, I Love You, Stinky Face, the Mommy promises to make her monkey boy a birthday cake out of bananas, Gryffy's favorite!
We kept the party simple this year--family only, and one friend.  Here's Cousin Emmy, Will, Gryffin, Lorelei, and Nicholas.  Baby Kai came with his parents, too.
Singing Happy Birthday.
Great Grammy loves her Gryffin!
The Slip 'n Slide was a hit!  All the kids loved it.
Looks tempting...
I love my big boy!
Gryffin refused his Mickey ears, but Lorelei loved them!
Everyone with ears, say CHEERS tears :(
A Mickey Mouse cupcake stack, in honor of Gryffin's favorite TV show, and our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World!

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  1. Oh, jealous that you're going to Disney- LOVE that place- we hope to go again soon too while my sister is still in Tampa! Have fun! I can't believe Gryffin is 2- wow- time flies! I love his little curls! Your backyard looks gorgeous! We miss you guys too! When are you coming to nashville to visit??????