Thursday, May 20, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Lorelei's singing her heart out at the preschool program. No lack of spirit here.
Lorelei with Mrs. Bergdall and her daughter, Kylie, who gave Lorelei the beautiful dress she's wearing.  Mrs. Bergdall was almost in tears when she saw Lorelei wearing her daughter's favorite dress.  She has been such an amazing preschool teacher and blessing in our lives.
Lorelei with her other teacher, Mrs. Kunze, who stepped in to the job midway through the year and has been so wonderful.
J.P. and Lorelei, friends since 2006.  Such love.
Belting out Jesus Loves Me.
Lorelei with Mrs. Pierce from Discovery Days, and Sara, her preschool BFF.
Lorelei and Mrs. McNally, her other Discovery Day (cooking/art) teacher. She loves Discovery Days and her teachers.

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