Monday, September 6, 2010

Pirate Parkapalooza

One day, a motley pirate crew sent us scallywags on a treasure hunting parkapalooza adventure.
It all started with a clue near the banks of Tomahawk Creek.
CLUE #1: We be Ascending toward a buried pirate treasure, scallywag dogs, but we can’t do our dirty diggin’ without ya. Look fer a set of clues to help ya to the booty...
So we followed the first clue to Ascension playground, only those filthy pirates forgot to tell us school was in!  Instead of anchoring there, we found Clue #2, and set sail...
Clue #2: Yo-Ho, me harties, but our ship took a turn toward the Heartland main. That be by your church, ye filthy poops. Look for treasure thar...
Clue #2 took us to a pirate park near our church and up a tree, where we soon discovered:
Clue #3: We’ve been marooned and teepeed by a band of Deanna Natives (an’ thay don’ smell of roses)! Save us, pirate brethren, from our mortal plight!
So off to Deanna Rose we sailed, where we set foot in an Indian village and found our last clue to the treasure:
Clue #4: Avast! Another band of pirates have seized our ship! We be toppin’ off our adventure an’ headin’ toward a frozen jungle of Orange Leafs!
(Clue's in the pot)
We finally anchored in Orange Leaf, and the pirates left us their bounty--a coupon for free frozen yogurt (and toppings to boot!).
We loaded up on everything--to ward off scurvy.
A pirate's life is tough...
...but someone's gotta do it!
Our beautiful buccaneer.

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