Thursday, September 2, 2010

Romantic Ville de Quebec

Quebec City is charming, and almost tricked me into thinking I was back in France. Flowers spilled from every window, hand-carved signs swung in the St. Lawrence breeze, and cobbled streets tripped up rushing feet, as if to say, "Slow down. Savor the beauty of this place."
Painted facades brought back memories of my travels to Oberammergau, Germany. The movie "Catch Me if You Can" was filmed near this building.
Here's another.
Mark and I cruised on the St. Lawrence Waterway to Montmorency Falls. The winters are so cold here that the river freezes, and the ice must be broken for trade ships to sail through.
Le Chateau Frontenac overlooks Quebec City. It is today a hotel, owned by the Fairmont (too bad our Fairmont hotel is in Montreal--it's nice, but I'd prefer a hotel with turrets and spires, thanks).
Montmorency Falls are surprisingly higher than Niagara Falls.
Landlubber's view of Chateau Frontenac.
Inside the chateau's walls. This felt a bit like Loire Valley-meets-Neuschwanstein Castle, Canada style.
And finally, a collection of photos from the quaint Quebec walkways hugging the cliffs toward the water.

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