Monday, September 6, 2010

Night Before Preschool

Preschool starts back tomorrow, and I say BRING IT ON! Seriously, we need some structure that summer vacation just can't provide. But we did have fun saying sayanora to summer!
While Mommy went on a shopping spree with the Backpack Fairy (who visits tonight!), Daddy inflated the pool on the deck. The kids love this.
Sister loves her Buddy.
Then it was off to Grammy & BPop's for a back-to-school spaghetti dinner and roasting of s'mores.
Gryffy stuffed his face with marshmallows.
Fire. Hot.
BPop's ready for the toasty marshmallows.
Ooey Gooey.
Finger lickin' good.
Lorelei doesn't want to get too close to the fire!
But those s'mores are so worth it! We always do a treat the night before preschool begins--this year, s'mores replaced our standard slice of cake & candle. Even better!
And before tucking in, the kids practiced flying in their MATCHING Batman pajamas. Mommy had been looking for a pair of Superman pj's, but when she couldn't find any, Grammy came over with Batman pj's for Gryffy. Of course, Lorelei wanted a pair too. So Mommy went out to get another pair, the last one in Lorelei's size!
Yes, with those capes, they really CAN fly.
Two silly monkeys jumping off the bed! They'd better sleep well... the Backpack Fairy's on her way!

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