Saturday, January 8, 2011

Meet Fluffy Mr. Tubbins

After babysitting a kindergarten bunny (Dumbledore) on weekends/breaks, we decided that a bunny was the perfect pet for us. So when neighbors needed to find a home for their little "Fluffy," we gave them a call.
 Lorelei & Gryffin have approved a full name for "Fluffy": Mr. Fluffy-Easter-Tubbins-Connelly.  We didn't know whether to call him Mr. Fluffy, or Mr. Tubbins (after a character in Mommy's book--we decided on Mr. Tubbins, since we got him the same day Mommy finished revising her book, and the kids like the name). 
Grammy got Mr. Tubbins a very special cage that is super easy to clean and fits perfectly near the window, where he can see outside and has access to the kitchen/family room. Lorelei is responsible for helping to care for Mr. Tubbins.
 Gryffy loves Mr. Tubbins too (and the bell chew toy in Mr. Tubbins' cage).
 Poor rabbit--clobbered in love.  He snuggles with me during movies/tv shows at night and loves being petted.
 Welcome to the family Mr. Tubbins!

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  1. Wow! You guys are so ambitious- cute lil' guy!