Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter, Rapunzel, and the Pantry

It's been a snowy, wintry week. But between playdates and three birthday parties, we've staved off cabin fever. Gryffy's little boots were a bit short, so we improvised with plastic ziplocs.
 Lorelei and Hannah zipped down the slide!
 Here are Lorelei and Adria, her friend from church.
 On the long days indoors, we've enjoyed lots of snuggles, movies, books, learning, dancing, and family time.
 Mr. Tubbins never gets a break!
 "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!"
 Daddy, Lorelei, and Gryffin take turns being Rapunzel on the stairs--they lower the hair with a basket and the person below puts in a mystery object. Rapunzel guesses the object, and then pulls it up to see if she/he's right! And here's Daddy playing Rapunzel in the kitchen, pulling Lorelei around like in the movie "Tangled."
 I'm not Rapunzel. I'm a pirate!
 And all this time indoors has inspired Mommy to get the house in order (cue the gasp). That label maker is my new favorite thing! Apparently this was no ordinary winter squall--hell has frozen over.

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