Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mr. Gryff Goes To Preschool

Buddy is a big kid preschooler, and he had to be a big boy for his big sappy Mommy. He thought he was helping when he picked Mommy a purple petunia. It made me wilt a little bit inside--he is my baby Gryffy, after all--but I knew he was ready.
 The Frizzle Fairy came by on her Magic School Bus to herald the day with Scooby Doo and monkey shirts and, yes, a roll of big boy Toy Story 3 underwear.  He wears them overnight now, too.
 We love this Backpack Fairy!  Gryffy is wild about Scooby-Doo, and snubbed the outfit we had set out the night before (this chore is part of his Bedtime Badge) to hitch a ride to school in Mystery Machine attire.
 He really did seem curious about that Backpack "Frizzle" Fairy.  Mommy read him her glitter-speckled note, and found him reading it again later in the day.
 Obligatory first day photos.

 Lorelei Lou-Who giving Gryffy a hug by the Who-Ville Tree.  She was so excited that Gryffy has two of her favorite teachers, Mrs. Bergdall and Mrs. McNally.
 C'mon, Mom... enough already...
 This is when he picked that flower and found me pulling out my camera again to capture his sweet heart for his Momma. Boy, do I love that little man.
 I still remember Lorelei's first day at Christ Lutheran 3 year-old preschool, taking a picture just like this one in front of the welcome sign before walking to the same Rainbow Room.
Gryffin. 2011.
Lorelei. 2009.
 He's usually a leg-clinger, but this morning Gryffy bolted for the front doors and his classroom.  His wobbly run is so dang cute.
 We were the first ones there.  I loved that when Gryffy looked inside, he saw Mrs. Bergdall, Mrs. McNally, and Mrs. Sprecher praying for him and his friends.
 It was earlier than we had anticipated, but the Connellys like to TURNIP on time!  Gryffy got out three puzzles and set to work.
 Many of Gryffy's friends are in his class, including his long-time little brother buddy, Rohan, here.  I think they could pass as brothers.
 Gryffy got a special early tour with Mrs. Bergdall because we missed the orientation day.  This gave him a lot of confidence, and he was strutting around the room in no time.

 Mrs. Bergdall tried to seat Gryffy on a shape carpet, but he would not have it.  "Free--I want free!"  He plopped himself down on the number three and wouldn't budge.  It's his favorite number.  Oh boy, these teachers are in for it!  He looks kind of tiny there, doesn't he?
 Gryffy joined the play-do table without a fuss and would not so much as look up as I fussed over him and said my goodbyes.  There were no teary eyes, though--I knew he was in wonderful hands, and that this was good for both of us.  We sure are wild about our happy preschool.
 We hosted a "Smart Cookie" Exchange for the kids in class.  Only boys showed up, and all the same ones that were at a playdate the week before, so they already knew each other.  The class is definitely boy heavy, but these boys are cool and collected--not too hyper or rambunctious.  Phew--did we luck out!  And I just LOVE the moms (the new friends and the old).
 I swear, the whole group of them just sat for a good fifteen minutes and decorated cookies.  Who would have ever thought boys could sit still that long?

 Jonny's not in Gryffy's class (below), but he's good buds with several of the others, so he's our honorary classmate.
This kid is mad about string cheese.  He begs for it in the grocery store and makes sure I make a special trip to the dairy section, even for a quick run-in.
 Everyone went home with a dozen cookies at playdate's end.  Just what every kid needs--SUGAR.
Gryffin John, you are pure joy to my heart.  All that ickle sweetness in the picture above--that's how I feel about you.  I'm so proud of how brave you were going to your preschool class.  You are gifted with numbers, an expert at sharing toys and the most thoughtful little boy ever.  I just want to squeeze your cute little cheeks and listen to your bedtime stories of monsters eating bunnies. I love you to Infinity and Beyond!  ~Mommy

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  1. Is that Jenny and Elijah? :) Love that family! That's just plain awesome! Brenda