Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Charlotte Mason Box

We have a morning routine this summer that begins when the kids hop in bed for a little devotional time and we open the lid of this box...
 I came across the directions for a Charlotte Mason memorization box system on the website, then printed them out and pasted them inside the lid of our box. I picked out some scrapbook papers I liked, found an old looking army tin box from Hobby Lobby, broke out the mod podge and by the time it was finished, I realized it matched our bedroom--I was going to use it at dinner and keep it in the dining room, but because it matches, I keep it on my bedside table (even better!).
The kids have learned a ton of verses this past year in Awanas, and so it's important to me that they don't just earn a jewel or a badge and forget about them.  I want Scripture and quotes and good things to sink in deep, so I've adopted this Charlotte Mason system (if you're unfamiliar, she has many brilliant things to say about teaching kids, and her methods are rooted in routines).
I'll let the instructions here speak for themselves (copied from that website).
 Here are our Daily, Odd/Even, Day of the Week and Date of the Month divider tabs, which allow us to cover everything we've recently learned (most frequently), and still review EVERYTHING we've ever learned within a month's time. I'm just a little bit excited about that fact.
 I also thought I'd give myself a minor kick in the rear reminder every morning about my "Sq-week-y Clean Routine," which has really bit the dust lately. At least a read-through will make me feel productive, never mind the follow-through.

We don't just do our morning reviews for the memorization stuff, because I've figured out a strategy for remembering things that works wonders for L & G that we've used for over a year now. The Sparks Awanas verses from last year and Lorelei's Suzuki songs (plus a few pirate songs for our own Cap'n Sparrow) are on a CD the kids listen to during all bedtimes and quiet times.  It's just about an hour long, so the kids know that when the CD finishes, their individual quiet times are over and it's time to clean their toys off their bedroom floors.  It's been brilliant, and they love it.  The 2:00 quiet time has been routine all summer long, and often results in long summer naps.
Here's one of Lorelei's Awanas verses from last year.  She knows it well, so right now it's filed under a day of the week but soon will move behind a number to be reviewed once a month.
I'm also including the prayer cards our church sends home so that we say those prayers in the morning, as well as a prayer I love to say over my kids (Ephesians 3:16-21) and other verses I'd like to memorize.  Quotes will follow, too, once we get through all our review verses. I'm really rusty on this stuff so I'm learning right along with them.  (Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ear...)
 Here I cut up an article from Parents Magazine that lists 25 manners every kid should know by age nine.  Couldn't hurt to review those everyday, either, was my thought. :o)

 Each morning during our devotion time (around 7am), we light Lorelei's lantern from Princess Power Training, just to set this time apart as something sacred.  It's a great way to begin our day before teeth/clothes/hair/beds & breakfast, and I love that the process doesn't require any thought--just move an index card back, and replace it with a new one. Simple!

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  1. Wow- you are one organized woman! I'm impressed! It is cute too!