Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lorelei's Suzuki Violin Group Concert

Lorelei's group concert was last week, and boy, was she ever bowing fast on that fiddle.  She's one of Ms. Ruth's youngest students, but that doesn't stop her. She practices hard. Not every day, but most days she goes through a long review of songs, some skill building for new songs, and sight reading exercises. That girl's got a great ear for figuring out a tune, but her favorite thing? Sight reading.
Here's some video of that girl practicing Cripple Creek for the concert with Ms. Ruth's 40+ students. Lovin' that foot stomp!

We're so blessed to have found Ms. Ruth.  She has been teaching for about 34 years and has more patience than anyone I know. And she turns everything into a fun game. She's the reason Lorelei's still playing violin, after she almost gave up. For that we're incredibly grateful, and this concert was such a treat. Yes, it's hard work. But Lorelei's learning how much practice pays off.
We're so proud of your hard work, Lulu!

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