Monday, May 15, 2017

Field Trip to the Zoo

I had the lucky job of accompanying Gryffy's class to the zoo and it was a blast! They split the kids into small groups, and Gryffy and Tijman were outnumbered with three girls. Here they are consulting a map before we set off.
 Gryffy is WAY into meditation, so anytime he saw a Buddha, he ran over to rub its belly, make a wish, and do his signature pose. Ha!
This is just before Gryffy bolted out of the photo, with his group. They were so fun to chase around.
 My boy!
 It's a bit blurry, but here are the field trip moms. I didn't get a photo of the dads, but two dad were in the group with me and were awesome to have around... especially because they, like me, like to bend the rules a bit... go off the map... return to the bus a few minutes late... :) Trouble, the three of us!
 HRT kids.
We loved the monkeys, bears and penguins. And my favorite part of the field trip...
 The row of SILENT third graders, meditating for 20 minutes on the bus ride! Gryffy started a trend. I mean, have you ever been on a quiet school bus full of third graders?! Love that kid.

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