Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Gryffin's Nine Years Old!

Gryffy turned 9! He wanted to have a laser tag party, but when he found out we had to limit the number of friends to 10, he just couldn't narrow it down. So, he opted instead for a bigger present (a hoverboard he's been eyeing for ages!) and a simple, backyard birthday bash...
 ... with this crazy crew!
Let's check out that hoverboard (the go-cart attachment is a gift from Gma/Gpa Connelly):
I think water balloon fights are becoming Gryffin's birthday tradition.

Some kids begged for the whole bucket!
 We corralled everyone to eat cake. The candles kept blowing out in the wind, so we ended up just lighting one for a quick wish. The boys tore that sheet cake apart and were even scraping off chocolate cake from the cardboard box it came it. Sugar overload!
Eat cake!
Then we set them loose. The basketball hoop and soccer goal were major hits for these sports-loving boys.

 And a few created their own fun in the back with the "water bottle challenge."

Gryffy takes endless delight in this.

Just look at his face...

Midway through the party, it rained. Good thing everyone was in swim gear for the water balloons. We opened the garage for the kids to take shelter.
But that didn't last long! Ghosts in the Graveyard was calling.
And a trampoline turned slip n slide!
After the party, our neighbor Roman spent the night. It was a pretty awesome birthday for this kid.

NINE things we love & appreciate about Gryffy:

1) He makes us laugh, all the time! Gryffy will go to any length to entertain people, and he's pretty hilarious. His smile alone - full of missing teeth - is contagious. :D

2) He loves his family fiercely, especially his big sister.

3) He works hard at whatever he does (straight-A student, soccer, research, writing, etc.). Even though he's one of the youngest in his class, Gryffin excels among his older peers.

4) He is a team player and cheers others on to success. He is genuinely happy when others succeed (on the soccer field he jumps up and down with his arms raised and that electric smile across his face when anyone on the team scores a goal).

5) Gryffy is extremely determined and self-motivated. He's working this summer on anatomy/physiology, chemistry and math because he wants to be a surgeon. He also loves studying history and has recently taken an interest in the Roman Empire.
6) Gryffy is incredibly compassionate and kind. Recently on a field trip he asked his chaperone if he could give up his hot drink at Starbucks in order to give the money to a homeless man.

7) He is committed to meditation and meditates with me everyday. At recess, on the field trip bus, on the landing in the house, he's always gathering people to meditate and build their "super mind."
8) He's a home-body/adventurer, something I think he gets from me. He loves no other place in the world as much as home, and yet he embraces adventure and loves to travel the world and experience new things. Because of this, Gryffy has an especially broad perspective for his age.

9) He still snuggles with me, takes my face in his hands, his green-brown eyes penetrating mine, and says, "Mommee, I loooooove you!" And I melt every time.

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