Monday, October 25, 2010


Lorelei met a school kindergarten bunny who needed a weekend home. He so captured her heart that we had to volunteer! And his name was Dumbledore... clearly, it's fate!
 Here's Lorelei, the day she introduced Dumbledore to Mommy. She is so gentle and good with him--it's her nurturing spirit!
 Next thing I know, he's at our house, hiding under Lorelei's bed!
 We spent a lot of family time on Lorelei's grassy green floor chasing after the little guy. He's fully potty trained, so he just hopped around and had the run of the place all weekend!
 Dumbledore's biggest chore? Chasing him back to his cage.
 Daddy tried. Mommy tried. Lorelei tried, but that wascally wabbit hopped all over us!
 And so we sent in... the toddler!
 Suddenly, the cage doesn't look so bad...
 Cute, fluffy little Dumbledore. See you next weekend, bunny!

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  1. So funny Wendy and love that colorful, cheeful room! That bunny is cute too!