Monday, October 25, 2010

Painting Pottery

With Grammy's help today, the kids and I went to Ceramic Cafe in Leawood. I wanted to capture the kids' handprints while they were still tiny enough to make a Christmas tree on a plate! Lorelei painted her own project, a miniature tea set (appropriate--we have several cuppas a day).
 Gryffy branches out into ceramic arts.
 These are our finished projects, before firing. They'll be much brighter and deeper in color (i.e. the pink rim you see will be deep red).
 I can't wait to see the results! I'll post a before/after in days.


  1. Very Cute Wendy- Love it!!! Your pictures on the side are very beautiful too- so professional. Did you have them taken for Christmas cards? You look so much like your Mom!

  2. Wow! The plate is beautiful! You are so inspiring with all of your creative ideas. Is that your awesome handwriting? I so wish I could do that!

  3. Thanks, Jenny & Cathy. We had professional photos done with a friend who just took up photography-we wanted some formal ones for the piano room, but they're also doubling for our Christmas cards. Cathy-I copied the handwriting from other examples, but thanks! Love your babycakes! Saw your cousin Lisa tonight.