Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Fun

This busy season, we decided to forego the bigger pumpkin patch and hitch a hayride to Pumpkin Hollow at Deanna Rose, just a stone's throw from our neighborhood. Good fun!

There Gryffy goes!
 Gryffy's picking out his pumpkin--he checks out several before making a final selection.
 Playing in the corn kernels.
Picky picky...
 Aw, shucks.
 I was going to write something really corny here...
 Lorelei fishing with magnets.
 And tossing some rope. Score!
 That girl's got muscle!
My little pumpkin.

 Lorelei claims hers... and after setting it in a pile, someone snatches it! So Lorelei picks a new one (and she's still smiling--she's a girl with a good attitude--love that about her!)
 Not smiling... pumpkin's getting heavy.
Mommy pulling the wagon on our way to the car.
And some more fall fun at Deanna Rose (another gorgeous day)...
 Childhood bliss.
 On the Deanna Rose playground.
 Gryffin making friends.
 The kids love feeding the goats.
And a Totley Crew Halloween Party planned by Sonia Childs at the library. This is becoming a tradition!
 These girls have practically known each other from birth... Abby, Hannah, Lorelei, Savannah.
 The pirate sniffed out chocolate!
Here the kids are playing in a very small pile of leaves in our front yard... just a taste of what's to come!

 And Lorelei enjoys a Halloween carnival at her Awana's Club...

And a day at T-Rex Cafe, where the kids got to design their own Woolly Mammoth and Pteranadon. They recorded loving messages for each other to play by pressing their stuffed animal's paw. Lorelei sang "Twinkle Little Star" to Gryffy's; Gryffy said, "Love you, Lorelei. ROAR!"
 Notice all the fluff on the floor? Someone (name starts with a "G") tapped the pedal a wee bit early. Stuffing flew everywhere!
 Lorelei loves her "Holy Mammoth!"
 Gryffy's pteranadon (like on the tv show Dinosaur Train).
And finally, a gorgeous image that barely showed up on camera but inspired me to pull the car over on my way to Women at the Well--a rainbow cloud. It was so vibrant and brilliant as I was driving toward it, but faded by the time I'd fished out the camera in a nearby church parking lot.  You'll barely see it on the right, just over the trees, but I swear it was like God took a paintbrush to the sky!
Happy Autumn!

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