Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gryffy's First Day

Thursday was Gryffy's first day of Parents Day Out at Christ Lutheran. It was such a wonderful thing to see him trotting in alongside Lorelei. He was so ready to get in on the fun!
 The Backpack Fairy turned into the Backpack Buccaneer and bestowed a bit of loot--a Toy Story 3 puzzle and some slimy eggs. Gryffy and Lorelei loved those eggs and have played with them non-stop over the past few days. (Guess we'll have to tell Santa--great stocking stuffers!)
 I hatched two good eggs!
 Not so happy just before setting off--he didn't want to carry his Buzz Lightyear backpack. Too heavy. Just wait, kid.
 Gryffy settles right in to play. Ms. Heather and Ms. Laurie welcome him in. I tried to make a bigger deal of good-bye, but the kid just ignored me. He knew where he was, and he already owned the place.
 I showed up a bit early for pick-up to see how Gryffy was doing. When I got to his classroom door, he was just standing inside, looking at the ground and spinning in circles, happy as a clam. Then he spotted me and Grammy, and Gryffy and his friend, Abby (Hannah's little sister), rushed to the window. Aren't they sweet?
 Cool kid.
 Grammy met me at the school for pick-up, and then treated all of us to one of our favorite restaurants, First Watch. Gryffy was tired out by the full day, and laid down in the booth. He nearly passed out. Lorelei loves to blend colors and play tic-tac-toe.
 My little leftie, no longer left behind. Happy first day, Gryffster!

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