Friday, November 19, 2010

A Week in the Life...

Here's a very random collection of photos from our week...
 The kids made wreath ornaments from puzzle pieces, paint, and glitter, then added their photos and decked the tree.
 Gryffy did a great job mixing colors and glitter.
 Lorelei accessorized, as usual.
 The kids made a massive tower, but I couldn't catch it before it toppled.  Jenga!
 Lorelei brought Cocoa Bear home from preschool.
 And Dumbledore hopped around the living room as we put up our Christmas tree.
 Cute little bunny--he's staying with us the whole of Thanksgiving Break.  The kids are thrilled!  (Dumbledore, however, might very much prefer a quiet, kid-free holiday. Sorry, bunny.)
 We broke out a game of Candy Land with Lorelei. Gryffy just climbed all over Daddy the whole time.

 This is what Gryffy thinks of game night...
 Candy Land tortures Mark--he's colorblind, but finds it a very good excuse to skip over a color or two.  Red & green... what's the difference?
 Mommy and Daddy raised the tree, and the kids helped with the ornaments.
 Gryffy puts up the pirate ornament from Mommy's family tree.

 In case Daddy's back wasn't sufficiently broken after dragging up the tree...
 But it was worth it, right?
Poor Daddy.
 After trimming the tree, we went down to the basement to watch Disney's "A Christmas Carol" on our movie screen.  Here's L in the basement, pointing out world landmarks. 
 She loves the Eiffel Tower.
 Gryffy making noise.
 Don't judge me, but I found the first 20 episodes of Shera on DVD, and HAD to get it!  Early stocking stuffer for Mommy (Daddy secretly likes it too--he used to play Shera with the neighbor girl he had a crush on as a kid and loved it when she'd attack him. Lol.)
 But we do more than watch TV.  Here's the Gryffster with his Tag Reader and Toy Story 3 book.
 And what are Christmas candles for but to stack?
 Gryffy's counting Lorelei's tower.
 Lorelei's drawing our family. The other night I was putting her to bed, and she said, "I just love our family. That's why I always draw it."  Aww.
 Hashbrown Sausage Casserole for dinner.  Gryffy bypassed his bowl and went straight for the dish.
And we had an impromptu Beach Party in the living room with the Disney Sing-Along Beach Party DVD. I made the kids fruity drinks (with umbrellas) and set out some towels. The kids got into it and put their swimsuits over their clothes.
 A bit of imagination, and we're back in Mexico!

 The kids danced along with pirates and Mickey Mouse.

 It's cold outside, but we're feelin' hot-hot-hot!
And finally, kickin' it in the family room!

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