Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lorelei's Splendiferous Christmas Tea

It was high noon on the last day of preschool before Thanksgiving Break, the very same day, one year ago, that Lorelei hosted her first Christmas tea party for all the girls in class. Our house was overflowing with feathers and frills, and we ran out of room at the dining room table!
Mommy and Lorelei had set the table nicely, when...
 ... somebody decided to help himself to the cookies.
 Lorelei is the hostess with the mostess!  Her apron (matching Mommy's) reads "Hostess-in-Training", and is the same one she wore to last year's party.
 When Santa came to the window to surprise the girls, manic screams filled the house and drowned out the Glee Christmas CD.  Santa proceeded indoors, and read "Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas." The girls loved it!

 Santa brought over presents, and asked each girl what she wanted for Christmas.  Lorelei was not too demanding, which made Mommy quite happy!
 Look at those ruby slippers.  She's so fancy! 
 Gryffy visits with Santa, too.  He didn't tell him he'd been naughty, getting into the girls' Christmas tree sandwiches, cookies, and tea.
 Look at Gryffy, twiddling his thumbs.
My poor little man was sorely outnumbered. He and Gavin (another little brother) had to hang close, and narrowly missed having their nails painted purple with the girls (who broke into the nail polish without asking permission--fortunately, the carpet survived!)

A cuppa Christmas cheer to all!

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