Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our New Home

We had a handyman out to look at a bit of dry rot beneath a window, and learned the problem was, well, a bit worse than we had imagined--we were told to re-side the entire, rotten house.  Oh yes.  So you know, why not repaint it, too?  And now I'm sharing the results, which cost us a pretty penny.  But first, our new Who-Ville Tree (as the kids named it):
 Here's the BEFORE:
 And the AFTER:
 We kept our "Garden Grove" teal door (Mommy's favorite color), and had the house painted "Burlap" with "Thatch Brown" trim.  It's fun to custom pick paint colors--makes it feel even more like our home (with a new Who-Ville Tree to boot)!

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  1. I was wondering why your house looked different in the postings above and now I know why. Wow- it looks fantastic- always does! Cool Tree- now you need to dress up like the Grinch like we did last year!