Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bottle Caps (A Dinner Game)

We have a favorite game at dinner time. People call it "Thimble," but I searched the house for one and, most likely because I don't sew, came up empty. We substituted a water bottle cap instead, and set to playing.
 The game: One person holds a cap full of water and chooses a category aloud ("I'm thinking of a holiday...").  He makes a choice within that category secretly (i.e. "Thanksgiving") and everyone around the table takes turns guessing what it is. The lucky winner gets doused with water!
 We keep a small bowl of water to refill our plastic bottle cap for a dozen rounds of fun.
 I've never heard so many giggles at dinner time. It's a hoot!
(Can you spot the water flying across the table at Lorelei?)
 Who says coming together around the table can't be fun?

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