Thursday, June 9, 2011

Popeye'd Be Proud!

Because this has been a staple of our diet forever, I thought it was worth posting our homemade breakfast smoothie recipe we drink on most mornings.
Start with bananas: 1, or 2 if you have them.
Old bananas work great. Frozen old bananas, even better. 
 Now grab a HUGE handful of spinach.  Yeah, that much.  The bananas cancel out the spinach flavor almost entirely, and it's loaded with nutrients.  Loaded.
 Sometimes I forget this part, but I like to give it a shake of benefiber. 
(I should have made this step "Number Two").
 Sometimes I'll throw in berries--strawberries, blueberries, blackberries... whatever we have.  And if I have time, I'll brew up some green tea, cool it off, and throw it in.  Most days, though, I don't.
 Top with skim or lowfat milk.  I switch this up.
 Blend away!  You'll notice the rather unappetizing color, which is where our last ingredient comes in: plastic restaurant cups with lids and straws.
 The kids sip their smoothies during Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
(Both kids asked for seconds this morning--they love our healthy smoothies!)  I like that we start the day filling our bodies with fresh veggies, fruit and calcium--sometimes we barely get any veggies during the rest of the day (sad, but it happens), but we begin it fully loaded with healthy goodness.  And that counts for something.

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