Saturday, June 18, 2011

Out to the Ball Game

Lorelei has entered the world of sports with her elementary school tee ball team, the Jaguars, or as we've dubbed them, the Jr. Jags.  Here she is with her teammates and Coach Lowry, our neighbor.
 I love what Lorelei's learning about team work, practice, hard work and good sportsmanship. She's very social visiting with her new friends on the bench, and we love to watch her play. On this team, even when we run to the wrong base ("Not third, Lorelei, first! That way!"), or get tagged out, it's all good, because it's all for fun.
 Daddy, Gryffy, Grammy and BPop came to cheer on the team today, and Gryffy was asking when he could play.  A couple more years, Buddy.
 Today, Lorelei got to be catcher. She did a great job catching the balls and throwing them to first. I was so excited for her! (I use the word excited, because no matter how many balls she gets, I'm ALWAYS proud of her.  That's a no-matter-what thing, me being proud of my kiddos.)
 I don't know how her back isn't aching, because she was holding this pose for a decent fifteen minutes. She was paying such great attention whenever the other team was up to bat. Great work today, Lo-lei!

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