Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Shenanigans

Oh, the fun of Father's Day.
 Some friends from small group and I arranged a bit of fun for our unsuspecting men. Some were into it. Mark, well, I think his face says all.
 They began their adventures outside the Home Depot...
 ... with an assignment:
 We weren't the ones who made things go to the toilet.
 We didn't tell them to play Sardines, either.
 But I'm glad they had fun in the HD, because while they were indoors grunting like Tim-the-Tool-Man Taylor, I attacked the car. Some years, Mark hides it in anticipation of our favorite Father's Day tradition. This year, he thought he got away scot-free. Not a chance, Honey!

 Assignment #2: Pile into Mark's car and go through a car wash.
Here's the BEFORE.
 And the AFTER. Oh no, Mark's not looking too happy.
 Their next assignment was to earn a set number of tickets at Chuck-E-Cheese, but our boys were turned away. Apparently Chuck-E only lets in children to his party zone. So a quick change of plans, and the men were monkeying around and buying toys for the kids from Dollar Tree.
 I think we drove Alex to drinking. He asked if little Addie liked margaritas, and texted us this picture.
 Meanwhile we were taking in laughs over our mens' adventures from the Pfeuffer's pool.
 My co-conspirators.
 At the end of the day, the guys finally got to relax at the Fox & Hound, or at least that was the idea. John got a bit of food poisoning, his toilet picture from earlier having foreshadowed things to come... up. Sorry, John.
And of course the kids made Daddy a sweet card and his handprint shirt.

World's Best Dad--Hands Down.
I'm so grateful for dads. For my dad, who I know sees me and watches over my family. For BPop, the best stepdad I could ever ask for, and a real gift in my kids' lives. And for a wonderful husband who is constantly engaged in the role of being a dad. My kids couldn't have it better. Love you, Mark!
And if you want to read some stats about why dads are so important, here's what I have to say about the subject:

Happy Father's Day, to all you dads out there! Thank you for all you do!

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