Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Life is Good.

It's easy to make life look good on a blog, because it's about remembering the good things. But this past month has had its share of foul weather, and it's made me especially grateful.
Grateful for my husband and kids.
Grateful for our church family.
Grateful for foul-weather friends.
Every drop of this storm has left me drenched in Love. And now I'm putting my umbrella up, clicking my heels, splashing around the puddles with my kids, and singing in the rain. Clouds will come, but I've got my eyes on the Sunshine.
This too shall pass.
And until it does, I will praise You in this storm, and choose to live in joy. And then I will blog. Because life is so good. :o)

1 comment:

  1. Wendy I love this and the way you write- it is so beautiful! I'm sorry you had a rough "moment" in your life. We too just experienced a couple of hard trials that don't make sense and you expressed my words exactly- get up and keep moving- life is so good! Gratitude is a great way to keep things in perspective! We need to see you guys one of these days - seriously- that would be a fun reunion! I hope you are doing better! it's fun to see what you're family is up to! Love you & your cute family!