Sunday, October 2, 2011

Two Kumbyas & Halloween Decorations

Tonight's Kumbya was about "Thyme" for wellness, so we did some body lifting...

 "Coach" came out with his hitched up shorts, off-kilter hat and funny glasses, and led our family on a circuit training walk on this gorgeous autumn night.
 I had to steal the glasses.  I don't think Coach minded that much.
 The sprint.
 Sit ups.
 Push ups.
 I don't know why that girl's smiling.  I loathe push ups!
 Gryffy is in a very stubborn stage in which he doesn't like to participate in things--not even our Connelly huddle (but he still insists the rest of us put in our hands and yell our family name).  Whenever he wants to withdraw from an activity, he sucks his finger and says he's tired.  His teacher was concerned, so I took him to the doctor, who agrees with me and his speech teacher--it's an avoidance tactic.
 Gryffy loves nature and would much rather be playing in dirt or rolling in grass than being stuck indoors.  He found this fluffy little thing and had to pick it up.  He loves examining plants and insects and burying action figures in dirt.
 On our walk, we encountered a beautiful praying mantis near our home.
 "He's been praying a really long time!" said Lorelei.  She's so funny.
I'm finally figuring out a few things about my new camera.  There's so much to learn.  But I loved how it captured "Monk" the praying mantis.
 That girl loves climbing trees.  She was learning about pull-ups.
 Here comes my boy with a flower again... intercepted by Lorelei, who then handed it to me from her. 
 And last week's Kumbya was "Thyme" for family and friends, in which we learned the four letters that spelled "love":
Gryffy himself sounded it out and said "L-O-V."
 Then Lorelei obliged the silent "e."  I had to add the twist--we were actually after another word: T-I-M-E.  Because that's really how you spell "love," and making time for each other has been more difficult to do lately with Mark's band, so we have to be more intentional about it.
 Last week, we blocked out Thursday for a special family night at Coco Key.  The kids had been begging forever.  And it was so much fun. 
 Then, we brought up the fall decorations from the basement.  I love this time of year!

This spider's kind of ugly, I know.  But Lorelei is crazy in love with this thing, and wants to bring it out all year long.  She likes the sequins.
 I found this witch at Hobby Lobby while I was in high school on a trip to Colorado.  I sewed its dress, added some embellishments, and had "The Connellys" embroidered on it.  Yes, I did.  In high school.  I knew then that one day my last name would be Connelly.  And you can never start too early stocking up on holiday decorations for your future home ;O)
My favorite door hanging.  Ever.

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