Thursday, October 6, 2011

*Magic* Pumpkin Seeds

 The kids had been begging to roast pumpkin seeds, so we carved one open and got to work.
 It's a dirty business.

 We found Woody and Buzz pumpkin pokers at Target and the kids had to have them.  We love making Mr. Pumpkin Heads with these things in early October, because the pumpkins don't rot and we can still carve them later. (Unless they're already being gutted for seeds.)

 After our pumpkin had lost all its seeds, we saved three of them--one for Gryffy, Lorelei and Mommy.  Then the kids dug a hole.

 We put the seeds to our foreheads, made a wish, gave our seeds a nibble to break open their magic and, with a Bibbity-Bobbidy-Boo...
 Planted them.

 We covered them up, and forgot to water them.  Would our magic pumpkin seeds take?
 Gryffy had his preschool class's Brown Bear with him.  Brown Bear needed a major bath in the wash before the day was done.

 We went inside and roasted the seeds in melted butter, sugar, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.  Delish!
 The kids gobbled them up.  I had to snatch away a handful to save for Daddy.
 Late into the witching hours, we brought out our flashlights and checked on our seeds, when behold--MAGIC BABY PUMPKINS!  Three of them, from our three seeds!
 Lorelei does this funny thing where she itches her nose like a chipmunk when she gets excited.  It's a trait that runs in my mom's family.
 They were fascinated by our magical pumpkins.
 There's an awful lot of magic swirling around Camp Connelly!

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