Monday, November 14, 2011

All she wants for Christmas?

...Her two front teeth.  (Not really.  She's already written a very long list for Santa.  She also wrote Gryffy's.)
But wow, this girl has lost her two front baby teeth within a week!
 Lorelei was in the bathtub when it happened.  She said Gryffy helped it to fall out when he squirted her with water??  Not sure how it went down (I was just outside the bathroom when it happened), but I think when she cringed at the water in her face, her tongue pushed out her tooth.  She hadn't been trying to loosen it then, so it came as quite a surprise!
 Lorelei puts her teeth in this little ceramic case for the Tooth Fairy, then leaves this beneath her pillow.  It was a gift from her cousins Maura and Sam when she was born, along with a small case for her first curl.
 Flouridina Flossprite was off duty tonight, so Cuspid took over.  Notice the different handwriting in the note?  He's not as graceful and tidy as the last Tooth Fairy, but he left the standard loot: golden coins and marshmallow teeth.
 And I have to record the quote of the day, compliments of Lorelei:
Lorelei: "Mommy, I have a freckle on my hand and it will never go away."
Me: "I know, Honey.  That's how you know it's your left hand.  It's an angel's kiss!  I have lots of freckles, one on my finger, this one here on my face."
Lorelei: "Just like a witch!"
And another record: tonight, Lorelei finished her Awana's book.  And she's retained ALL of the verses, which is the most important thing.  When they announced it to the group, she was beaming!  And what a smile!
As for Gryffy, his Awanas teacher tonight made a point to tell me he was doing very well participating in every part of club.  I was worried because he didn't used to be too cooperative, but that boy is making big strides.  He loves his Awanas Club now, too! 

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