Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Flouridina Flossprite (a.k.a. the Tooth Fairy)

Lorelei's been wiggling and jiggling her baby teeth ever since the dentist told her two were loose last month, and all this week, one of them has been hanging on by a thread.  L was deliriously excited to pluck it out, and ran to our bed late tonight with Gryffy to tell us it was time!  She tried to do it herself--fail.  I got the video camera out and asked her to let me try--fail.  She got really nervous, so I said "Joshua 1:9," to which she said, "Be strong and courageous."  And boy, was she!  Daddy turned off the camera--fail--and no less than a minute later, I gave that front incisor its final yank!
And now the tooth is tucked snugly under her pillow, beckoning the Tooth Fairy's examination...
 Miniature letter in fairy scrawl--check!  Marshmallow teeth--check!  Gold coins--check!  And of course, a smidge of fairy dust under the pillow.
Can't wait to see that girl's toothless grin in the morning!

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