Monday, November 14, 2011

The Repenting Bench

There's been some bickering in the Connelly household lately.
"Mommy, Gryffin pushed me!"
"Worwelwei took my Jack Sparwow!"
Usually these kids get along great, don't get me wrong.  They love each other to pieces.  But sometimes, I need a strategy to deal with the little rows that disturb the peace. 
 When I read about the Repenting Bench in The Entitlement Trap, I knew we needed one.  So we did a Kumbya Camp Out on what the Repenting Bench is--a place to go to resolve conflict peacefully and avoid punishment.  And then we role played how to use it.
Mommy and Daddy got in a fight over the Puss In Boots toy.  Both fighting parties were benched.  They had to make peace by:
1. Admitting what THEY did to contribute to the fighting.  It takes two to tango, and pointing fingers at the other person is forbidden here.
2. Saying sorry.
3. Hugging.
They aren't dismissed until all three steps are taken.  Even if their butt cheeks are going numb.
 We roasted our s'mores and spent more time with our special new bench.  Gryffy loves it.  He was thrilled today when I painted it red, his favorite color (we bought the bench at HomeGoods).
 S'mores and Reeses=gooey goodness.
 Lorelei thrives on this stuff.  She loves having systems in our home that make our lives easier and are unique to our family.  And I love that my kids are working out their own problems, because it's their responsibility.  And I'm handing it over. :o)

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