Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I met my husband 18 years ago today, on his 18th birthday (half his life ago!), in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. To celebrate, I'm taking him on a date. And the kids helped me fill a gigantic box full of balloons bursting with reasons we love him, including:
 I snuggle with him. ~ Lorelei
 He plays some games with me like my favorite game called Guess Who?. ~ Lorelei
 I play fairies with Daddy. ~ Gryffin (oh, dear...)
 I play Buzz Lightyear with Daddy. ~ Gryffin
 I play on the playground with Daddy. ~ Gryffin
 He does a bunch of fun things with me. ~ Lorelei
 He’s really strong and I love him so much. ~ Lorelei
 Daddy is funny like do-do-do-do-bwsch-woooah! ~ Gryffin
 He plays with fairies with me. ~ Lorelei
 He plays Monster. ~ Gryffy  It’s where he chases us with the ball. ~ Lorelei
 Also the Gargamel game. I’m Smurfette. Gryffy’s Papa. ~ Lorelei
 He’s really, really good at fixing things. He even one time fixed one of my things that I really liked. ~ Lorelei
 He helped me do my Wuggle Pet and that’s what I love about him. ~ Lorelei
 I love how you help me feel safe and secure and how much I trust you. ~ Wendy
 I love what a fantastic dad you are and your commitment to family. ~ Wendy
 I love that I’ve known you half your life and that we’re still madly in love. ~ Wendy

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