Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patty's Day Parade

We're so lucky, and not only because we're a teensy bit Irish, but because we're friends with the Bell/O'Connell clan, which means we've got major Irish perks come St. Patty's Day. And some of the best friends around.
 Last night a leprechaun paid us a visit. He pops up every year and wees in the loo.
 The kids discovered evidence of his visit at the top o' the mornin'.
 Daddy put together the kids' scavenger hunt for gold tokens leaving clues all over the house. They had fun following the clues with their friend, Ashlyn, just before we set off for the parade.
This is our third year riding the trolley in the KC St. Patrick's Day.  It is a blast!  And it's about the only way you'll get me to the parade, because I'm not a fan of crowds.
 Ashlyn, Nolan, JP, Lorelei, Gryffy... all Totley Crew kids and friends from a few months old.

 We decorated the trolley.
These little Irish princesses looked darling in their crowns.  Thanks, Ashlyn, for sharing your royal jewels with Lorelei.

 Lorelei loved waving the streamers like last year.

The kids piled in the front of the trolley for part of the ride.
And they got to meet a lot of colorful characters before the parade set off.

 G was a great sport and waved for most of it.  L got cold and preferred sitting down, but she helped greet the crowd a bit.  I couldn't believe how many thousands of people were piled along the streets watching this thing.  Kansas City's St. Patty's Parade is HUGE!

 L's bursting with glee over her balloons.  She likes the orange one best.

 And Mr. G loves the bubbles the lady behind him is blowing at him.

 Here's our trolley after the balloons were down.  What a fun day!  Thank you so much, Bell/O'Connell family!  It is such a treat.
 On our way to the car, Gryffy picked some wildflowers for Lorelei and Mommy.
 These two kids make me the luckiest mom in the world.  I love them!

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