Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pinterest Projects and Egg Hunt

Today was dedicated to Pinterest and projects, like finally finding roofers to hang up the dragon weathervane that's been in our bedroom for just over a year... with East and West pointing the wrong directions. Yup. It's stuck that way.
Other projects went better, like the new measuring stick to record the kids' heights...
 And the Empty Tomb garden with grass seed sprinkled on top.

 And then there was the neighborhood egg hunt, which we got to in the nick of time.  That was our second trip to the park today.
Poor girl... she's always been after that golden egg, but alas, it's mustard yellow.

 Both trips involved white bunnies.  Mr. Tubbins accompanied us to the park to hop and flop about the first time; then the Easter Bunny showed up the second time.

 And the crazy hair on Lorelei?  That's from today's beauty-themed birthday party.
Now let the countdown begin... two weeks until Easter!

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