Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gingerbread Building

Our church has done a November fast until Thanksgiving, so my friends and I banded together for a "sugar free to a more thankful me" snubbing of candy, a very difficult thing to do as kids raid the Halloween cauldron all month.  But it's a good thing I left the candy well alone, because tonight we put it to good use.
 Daddy helped Lorelei get the building up to code, but she did all the design elements herself.
 Gryffy got a small bit of assistance from Mommy, but soon took over the icing.
And he did an amazing (clean!) job with the frosting bag.
 Gryffy loves to tell people, when they ask his age, "I used to be three but now I am four."
I feel like he is growing so quickly this year and really blossoming with new skills.  I credit a lot of that to his amazing preschool teachers.  He is thriving, and I'm so happy he's happy.
 Back to gingerbread.  Look at that girl piping.  Her concentration with anything art related is intense.
She is totally her mother's daughter.  I love that we have so much in common; it's so fun.
The kids dipped into the candy.  Sugar high, here.
And now, for the big reveal...
 Gryffin's.  Adorable!
 Lorelei's.  Always creative.
 Mommy's.  Yeah, it looks more British (thatched) than Bavarian, but it's redeemed by the Gingerbread Witch with Hansel and Gretel.  Probably should have stuck a tree on that rooftop at least while I was building it, to make it officially German.
 And Daddy's.  I know, takes the cake with that portico and carefully sculpted tree star, doesn't it?  Highly creative.  He groans and grumbles, but honestly I think he loves our little family projects...
Maybe even as much as the rest of our little family!

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