Friday, November 2, 2012


It's that spooky time of year again. 
Time for snuggling up to scary stories like "The Hook" and "The Sweater" and "Where is My Toe?"...
"Stinky Ghost" stories by Daddy, installment #18 being the most current...
Hayrides and hay fever, pumpkins and these little punk'ins...
Gryffy picked out Scooby-Doo last year after Halloween.  Bless his heart, he stuck with it and never changed his mind.  Lorelei found a cat costume she adored and talked Grammy into buying it.  On her next trip to Party City, however, she found a pair of "peahawk" wings and a mask and decided upon that instead.  Her peahawk costume was all she could talk about for a whole month.
I made her a peahawk tutu to match and surprised her with it.  She loved it.
 The neighborhood goes all out for the holidays.  The kids trick-or-treat along our trail.
 Vampire teeth.

 The girls: Sarah, Anna, Lorelei.
 Natalie, Dylan, Gryffy.
 The costume contest commences, with a $10 Target gift card on the line...
 Lorelei wins! 
(Fortunately for Gryffy, he won the costume competition at Tae Kwon Do, and took home a sports flag for howling a most adorable "Scooby-Dooby-DOOOooooo!")
 Ghost pancakes.  Pumpkin flavor.
 The kids designing their pumpkins.

 Our favorite tradition is the planting of magic pumpkin seeds.  In the middle of the night, they sprout!
Baby pumpkins!
 The kids' pumpkins.

 School parties were great this year, just across the hall.

 Mrs. Brahl's first grade class.
 Gryffy with sunny Miss Lisa.
 Miss Nicole was a great sport.
 So was Miss Laurie.
Best buds Zeke, Gryffy and Ben.

 Our pumpkin family.
 We joined this little gang here for trick-or-treating.
It was the year of FrankenStorm in the northeast, but the weather here was beautiful Halloween night. Trick-or-Treat!  Happy Halloween!

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