Friday, November 23, 2012

Giving Back

We are enormously blessed, and I think it's easy to sometimes forget just how blessed we are.  We've been looking for opportunities to give back as a family, so that as our cups runneth over, we can spill some of that goodness into the lives of others.
Two of our favorite ways to give back:
Our annual bell ringing for the Salvation Army...
 Complete with Christmas songs on fiddle, Gryffy's breakdancing, and Meaghan's singing.

 ... And violin/piano concerts on Friday nights at Rose Estates.
 Belle and Bow have got quite the following.  Barb is usually the first to arrive and Judy claps wildly along.  Everytime we go there, my heart just bursts with all the joy the kids bring to the residents.

 Gryffy's our emcee, and those kids sure share the spotlight.
I'm so grateful for these sweet kids and their great big hearts.

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