Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

It's Turkey time!
Welcome back, Mr. Gobbles.
Instead of a Gratitude Tree this year, we took a project out of an article I wrote for this month's KCParent Magazine, and made a Gratitude Jenga game.  
When we stacked the pieces, we could see what we were grateful all over again.  We've spent a lot of time counting our blessings this month.  The other day at the Kolache Factory, before we ate, the kids began their litany of blessings and couldn't seem to stop.  I'm glad that they're grateful.  And I'm so grateful to be married to their dad and to be their mom.  Best job in the world with the best people I know and love!
 I'm tickled by the concentration on Gryffy's face and the cringing dread on Lorelei's.

 Let's look at those cutie-pie kids again with Mr. Tubbins and Mr. Gobbles.
They are quite a pair. Never have two kids loved each other more.
We made our traditional Mayflower with the long chain of all our ancestors, beginning with William and Mary Brewster (pilgrims on the Mayflower) and ending with the kids.  Only I don't have a photo, because Lorelei brought it to school on Share Day and Mrs. Brahl kept it for display :o)
Lorelei was pretty proud of that.
 We spent Thanksgiving Day with Grammy, Bpop, Grammy Great and Meg.
 The kids have endless fun with this remote-controlled flying bird.  The thing swoops around and around the room and generally pelts someone in the head.
 The feast.

 Just had to throw this one in there.  Gryffy's usual get-up.  Can't have enough helmets or weapons.
 The day after Thanksgiving was our Thanksgiving at home.  
We brined a turkey (thanks, Alton Brown) and cooked up a storm:
Strawberry spinach pecan salad, green bean casserole, corn casserole, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cranberries, dinner rolls (from the Kolache Factory), and every variety of two-buck Chuck.
 We loaded up on so much food that I forgot to bring out the dessert!  Oops.
 High school friends: Alex, me, Annie, Katie, Kelsey, Debbie
And this year was the baby boom, so we had lots of kids toddling about.
It was so cozy with all these friends and families together.  They are all remarkable people and our friendship carries on always where it left off.  What a blessing, old friends!
It seems like it was yesterday when we were roaming these magical halls...
 I thought a stranger came to the door when I first saw Kelsey's red hot hair.  Love it!
 Here are the Darbys--Rowan and Isla were great buddies to Lorelei and Gryffy.
 Our family and Mr. Gobbles.
 And now, the stockings have been hung by the chimney with care...
 ... in hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be (t)here.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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