Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Catching Up, Christmas style

Catching up on Christmas at the Connellys:
Gingerbread houses with the neighbors

 So grateful for the Guzzos!
While the kids are entertaining each other, we love to hang out and play games into the wee hours of the night. Endless laughs!

 I got to sneak into Gryffin's art class and grab a few photos while I was around school.
 My left-hander.
 Kids with Mrs. Clifton, their fun art teacher.
 We went caroling at Rose Estates with friends from school.

 And I snapped some photos of Gryffin's Winter Party but of course have none of Lorelei's. Being room parent means I don't have time to take pictures, so Lulu--you'll just have to trust that I was there! 
 Can you tell that the kindergarteners adore Miss Hill? It's her first year, too!

 We're so glad we sent G to kindergarten this year! It turns out that he was more than ready and is adjusting so well. Miss Hill says he's a "leader." Go Gryff!
 Lulu's been doing cheer for fun with our neighbor friend.

 Miss Lynn is awesome with the girls. They learn so much more than cheer.
 We have a new deck, only you can't see it.
And it still needs to be painted, weather permitting.
 And we love our new fire pit!
 This is our Saturday morning tradition ever since New Orleans: almond croissants (Trader Joe's style--they start out tiny and rise to this overnight. Not exactly the same as Cafe D'Or, but still, yum!)
 Our elves are up to no good. And someone drained that marshmallow tub of theirs pretty quickly.

 Bpop saved me with this fun craft idea for Lorelei's classroom Winter Party. He cut out all the cardboard and glued it together to make gingerbread houses for all the kids to decorate. Aren't they amazing?!
 Here's Gryffin's. The kids were so proud carrying these beauties out of the school. This is why I don't have any pictures of Lorelei's class party--you can imagine this project took a bit of time, and I was in charge of the spray snow.
 On that topic, we got a beautiful dusting of snow just in time for Christmas.

 The boys helped me clear the driveway.
 Love to see the kids having fun doing hard work!

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