Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Tree of Childhood Memories

O Tannenbaum!
As a young girl, our cross-the-street neighbors in Colorado, the Coverts, had the most glorious tree. It stretched to the ceiling with brilliant white lights, and these baubles dotting it made by their Grandma Covert.
I wanted desperately to replicate them, and had scoured the Internet for ideas, but ideas were hard to come by. These pin-and-sequin ornaments were a bit of a trend in the '70's, I learned, but most of them came in kitchy kits--none compared to the beautiful handmade ones Peggy Covert made.
And so, I e-mailed Grandma (Peggy) Covert herself, and she sent me photos of the actual ornaments I so adored as a child. Ornaments like this one:
 And this beauty:
Aren't they spectacular?
Those satin balls were hard to find, so I improvised with foam balls and ribbon and created my own. I decided upon a color scheme of golds, coppers, silvers and a hint of teal (my favorite color)! Here are a few I made, usually at nights while Mark and I enjoyed a TV series, or during our church mom's group on Wednesday mornings. Even Lorelei got in on the fun and began one of her own (still waiting to be finished--maybe next year?). Perhaps they'll become family heirlooms.

And let's take a look at my favorite ornaments of all:
Lorelei's First Christmas footprint
 Gryffin's First Christmas footprint
O Christmas Tree, you stand in beauty!

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